Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Promotional Teddy Bears - For Everyone !

    Children nowadays are now hooked up on gadgets like their cellphones,laptops, personal computers, tablets and many more, but one thing that children still have in their own homes is a teddy bear.Teddy bears are soft versions of bears which are stuffed usually cotton. No matter how Earth has become a stressful place to live in, children still find a way to relax themselves and be more energetic with the help of teddy bears. There are many ways of coping up with stress and other things that make life uncomfortable ,but nothing beats the help of a teddy bear. Promotional teddy bears are very popular among kids even in this day of age because teddy bears are soft and cuddly.Teddy bears are well known to be made as toys for children ,but another well known fact why teddy bears were made is because of charity. Though there are many tragedies in life, teddy bears have long been used by people as a way to ease pain. The history of how "Teddy Bears" came to be is still not clear. Some say it was a man who opened a candy store was inspired or motivated by the cartoon of Theodore Roosevelt after he was reportedly unable to shoot a bear. Others say it was made by a seamstress who was confined to a wheelchair due to polio. It is said that an American buyer saw her stuffed bear and imported 3000 of them and created the "teddy bear" fad. None of these stories however are proven. I guess we will never really know the true story of how the teddy bear got its name.